Drawing Ideas for a Walk – Sketching victorian buildings of London

While writing this post, I just realised some of my best drawings were actually quite rushed and on the move. 

This drawing I did last month while waiting for a client, I challenged my self to capture this beautiful Victorian building from a sharp angle.

drawing ideas victorian houses

This took me 20minutes and was drawn lightly in pencil first, then ink and lastly very light sepia wash.

This one below was a birthday dedication to an old friend that I haven’t see for a long time, we use to be flatmates at this place. On her birthday, I was by chance driving past where we lived so I stopped for a 30min to draw the front of this place we once shared. She loved it.

drawing ideas houses of london

I used a 2H pencil to lightly sketch the front with special focus on the front door, then used Ink pen and light grey wash for monochromic effect. 

For this drawing idea – Some tips for drawing on a walk

  • Use a viewfinder or cut out a piece of cardboard to isolate the composition (see example) 
  • Draw very lightly with pencil the outline, its ok to re-draw and sketch over in black ink
  • Avoid the use of erasers
  • If you are new to drawing a building and outdoor sketching. Chose an easy angle, like front view and avoid deep angle with difficult perspectives.
  • For wash, I usually use sepia or graphite because I have colour blindness and it’s easier for me to paint in monochrome.

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